My Painters Journal

Below is the list of my color recipes which explains how I achieve a particular color on my miniatures. This page is updated frequently, so check back often for additional recipes. I still have a lot of the older Citadel Colour paints and you will see a lot of those colors referenced below. If you are looking for an equivalent color under the new Citdael Colour paint line, you can download the Citadel Conversion Chart here.

Blood Angels Red
  1. Prime Army Painter's Dragon Red.
  2. Paint with watered down Mephiston Red.
  3. Wash with Carroburg Crimson.
  4. Paint with Mephiston Red leaving the Carroburg Crimson in the recesses and panel lines.
  5. Paint highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  6. Paint highlights with Wild Rider Red.
  7. Paint tiny spot highlighs with Bestigor Flesh (optional). 
  8. Glaze with Bloodletter Glaze (optional).

Librarian Robes, Purity Seals, Scrolls, Skulls, Bone, etc.
  1. Base coat with Deneb Stone.
  2. Wash with Gryphonne Sepia.
  3. Paint highlights with Ushabti Bone.
  4. Paint highlights with Ceramite White.
  5. Glaze with 50/50 mix of Gryphonne Sepia and Lahmian Medium.
  6. Redo the highlights as necessary.

  1. Base coat Abaddon Black.
  2. Highlight Dawnstone.
  3. Highlight 75/25 mix of Dawnstone and Ulthuan Grey.
  4. Glaze with 50/50 mix of Badab Black and Lahmian Medium (optional).

Blood Angels Wings
  1. Base coat Ulthuan Grey.
  2. Wash with 50/50 mix of Badab Black and Asurmen Blue.
  3. Highlight with Ulthuan Grey.
  4. Highlight with Ceramite White.

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