Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blood Angels Digital Codex Errors?

As I mentioned in my previous post, just I picked up the digital edition of Codex: Blood Angels and the rumors (or rumours if you prefer) on vanguard veterans, glaive encarmines, and the Storm Raven were debunked.

Well, I had some time to look at this more and it looks like there is some conflicting information in different sections in the iBook as well as a change to Mephiston that would make him rock even more.

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Blood Angels Digital Codex: No Changes

There were rumors going around over on Faeit 212 that the Blood Angels Digital Codex was going to have a few changes. The specific rumored changes were as follows:
  • Vanguard Veterans lose the ability to assault after Deep Strike and Heroic Intervention changed to work like Codex: Space Marines.
  • Stormraven loses the ability to Deep Strike.
  • Glaive Encarmine now provides a +1 bonus to Strength on a turn the model charges. Other stats are Strength as user, AP3, Two-handed, Master-crafted.
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