Thursday, June 24, 2010

750 Point Army List, Some Pics of my Death Company and Chaplain

I apologize for the lack of updates. I'm enrolled in Full Sail's Game Art Program and my classes have been taking up all of my free time.

I have a week off of school and my friends are planning on meeting at the Unknown in Scranton, PA on Tuesday for a 750 point game. We're using a modified Force Organization with the following changes:
  • 0-1 HQ

  • 0-1 Elites
1+ Troops
0-1 Fast Attack
  • 0-1 Heavy Support
We graduated to this format after playing a lot of Combat Patrol games as most of us are new to 40K or coming back after a long hiatus (like myself). Eventually we'll get to bigger games, but these go nice and quick and we can usually squeeze in like 3 games a night.

My list is as follows:

Reclusiarch -130

5 Man Assault Squad - 120
w/ 1 infernus pistol, 1 flamer

6 Man Assault Squad - 143
w/ 1 meltagun, 1 power weapon

5 Death Company - 125
w/ 1 power fist

Sang Priest - 65
w/ power weapon

Dedicated Transports
2 Razorbacks w/ Twin Linked Assault Cannon and Search Light - 56

1 Rhino w/ Dozer Blade - 55

Total: 750

The tactics I use for this list is to run the Death Company in the Rhino and use them to unleash death and sow fear and discord on my opponent.

The 2 Razorbacks fill in where needed using their maneuverability to unleash fiery death with their glorious Twin-Linked Assault Cannons. I've played around 10 games with this list and I haven't lost a game yet which is cool.

To me it's not so much about winning as much as it's about having a good time playing with my friends, but it is a nice change of pace from the pasting I used to take when using the old PDF codex.

Before I forget, I promised to show off some of my miniatures. Here's my Chaplain converted from the Legion of the Damned Sergeant and my Death Company.

I tried to go for more dynamic poses on these and I'm especially fond of the guy with the Power Fist and the other dude with the two Chainswords. The Chaplain's Bolt Pistol is magnetized so I can swap it out for a Plasma or Infernus Pistol. I also haven't added the back packs yet as I was thinking of magnetizing them as well.

Hope you like them. I'll post back and let you know how the game goes.

Till next time, enim Sanguinius!
–The Harrower

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  1. i like the look of it
    i am entering a tournament of 750 but i used a

    baal tank
    10 death company
    and a dreadnought