Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blood Angels Digital Codex: No Changes

There were rumors going around over on Faeit 212 that the Blood Angels Digital Codex was going to have a few changes. The specific rumored changes were as follows:
  • Vanguard Veterans lose the ability to assault after Deep Strike and Heroic Intervention changed to work like Codex: Space Marines.
  • Stormraven loses the ability to Deep Strike.
  • Glaive Encarmine now provides a +1 bonus to Strength on a turn the model charges. Other stats are Strength as user, AP3, Two-handed, Master-crafted.
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This caused a bit of a stir and annoyed some people (including yours truly) especially considering the changes to the Vanguard Veterans without point adjustments.

Well, after much debate, I picked up the codex from the iBooks store and it looks none of these changes made it in. For the doubters out there, here are the pics from the iPad version of the Codex.

Looks like the Stormraven did keep Deep Strike which is odd. I thought that was lost when Death from the Skies was released. No matter, I would never Deep Strike a Stormraven anyway. That's almost as dumb as Deep Striking a Land Raider.

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–The Harrower


  1.'s just a new format on the same book and text? Saves me money.

  2. Pretty much, but check my follow up post. Mephiston can generate 3 powers, but it might be a typo.