Friday, November 28, 2014

White Dwarf 45 leaked!!!

Whoa! Looks crazy!


  1. yeah they do look great but the box costs more than the "vanilla" one, and in the end with kitbashing from the death co box you could already get a similar result. the only real "must have" is the heavy flamer, so you are spending more than that you would spend for a normal box just to get a heavy flamer. not particularly exciting. pair this with the great idea to rebase jump infantry so now all our painstackingly assembled and painted assault squad, death co and character bases are obsolete, and you get more frustration than happiness from this new BA release. And we have yet to see the nerfs and the blandness they put in the new codex...

    1. Everyone has to deal with rebasing. It's not just jump troops. These models are on bigger bases and frankly for as much of a pain as it is going to be I'd rather more room to make my bases look cooler. Pretty sure the kit has a heavy bolter too (look at the marine under the Knight's legs). I'll pay a bit more for Blood Angel iconography and giving them Heavy Flamers and Grav is huge. I'm not bummed at all. I couldn't be happier.

    2. GW has never made anyone re-base anything, Base the model on what it came with. I have Terminators on the 25mm round Base. (yeah I have played for a long time)