Friday, May 26, 2017

8th Core Rules, Devastation of Baal

Majority of these were posted by Grot Orderly over on Facebook some others I grabbed from I don't know where. If I missed crediting someone, please comment and I'll be happy to add. Just reposting here as I haven't seen all the images posted in the same spot.

Also, if you are hungry for more 8th Edition news, check out this crazy long thread on Dakka Dakka. Big thanks to Rippy for maintaining the crazy summary in the first post.

Images of the Core Rules and the fate of Baal. after the break.

8th Edition: Core Rules

Here's a peak at the new Warhammer 40K Rules.

Devastation of Baal

Seems that Baal is okay and the Blood Angels will be bolstered by host of shiny new Primaris Marines.

Hellblaster Squad, Primaris Marines Points

Stats for the new Hellblaster Squad. I wonder if the overcharge rule will replace gets hot! on all plasma weapons?

Tomorrow starts Warhammer Fest. I'm sure we'll get a TON of info on 40K tomorrow.

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