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Indexes Leaked! First look at Blood Angels in 8th!

EDIT: Updated with scans from the Index! Scans of points, profile of Death Company, Death Company Dreadnoughts, and Terminator Ancient after the break.

Turns out someone on an Italian Forum has all of the Indexes and is posting the rules. Over on DakkaDakka, KurtAngle2 is translating everything to English and posting it in this thread.

Being that this is being translated and there are no actual pics of the Indexes in question, I'd take this with some salt. The good news however is that the Space Marines Faction Focus article dropped on the Warhammer Community website. Seems like a lot of this is actually lining up, so it seems fairly legit.

After the break our first look at the Blood Angels in 8th Edition.

Black Rage
+1 Attack when charging and ignores wounds on a roll of 6.

WS2+ BS2+ S4 T4 W6 A5 2+
Axe is S+2, -3 AP, D3 (reroll wounds vs. characters)
Allows BA units within 6" to reroll failed hits

M7 WS2+ BS2+ S5 T5 W5 2+
Sword is Sx2 (10), -3 AP, D3 Wounds
Ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a 5+
Casts/Dispels (with an added +1 bonus) 2 powers and knows 3 powers from the Blood Angels Discipline

WS2+ S4 T4 W4 A5
Can charge even if he has Fallen Back
+1A to every BA within 6"

Allows reroll of charge and failed hits in assault to DC units within 6"

Death Company
2 attacks each
Models can take different loadouts

Sanguinary Guard
Reroll failed hits if BA general within 6"
Deathmasks -1 Leadership to enemy units within 3"
Encarmine Sword -3 AP, D3 Wounds
Encarmine Axe S+1, -2 AP, D3 Wounds

Quick Thoughts

  • +1 Attack on the charge? Yes please! With chainswords giving a bonus attack, Death Company have 4 attacks on the charge. With their varied loadout of hand flamers, infernus pistols, power fists, etc. they can be kitted out to deal with anything.
  • Our old "Feel No Pain" seems to drop a point every release. Not sure if allows the bearer to ignore all wounds including mortal wounds like Mephiston (most likely it won't). In any case with Instant Death gone, you'll always get the roll which is good.
  •  Vampire Jesus (Mephiston) is still a beast. How the Blood Angels Psyker Powers work will make a difference, but as of right now he looks really solid. No attacks stat was listed. I'd imagine it's 5. So 6 attacks on the charge hitting on a 2+ at Strength 10 and D3 wounds each. Plus he saves on a 2+ with a 5+ after if he fails and he can ignore mortal wounds. You can't single him out in shooting anymore and his high speed will get him where he needs to go. Ouch!
  • For anyone that takes Death Company, Lemartes seems like a must include. With that reroll of failed charge and failed hits to Death Company units, putting him in a Drop Pod with some of his maniac friends seems to good to pass up. Good chance you'll get to assault after dropping out of the Drop Pod since you only have to be 9" away and you get to rerol the filed charge. Let the slaughter commence!
  • Sanguinary Guard seem solid. Hoping they have something that allows them to break from combat and just assault again. Even if they don't, with axes not attacking last anymore and all their choice weapons doing D3 damage per hit, they specialize in hunting the most powerful units on the table which is exactly what they should be doing. This is awesome and I approve.
8th Edition is definitely looking to be the edition of the chainsword. As someone that plays this game mostly for assault, I heartily approve!

Updated with scans from the Index!!!

Till next time,
-The Harrower

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