Friday, March 19, 2010

Stormraven Gunship Conversions

One of the most talked about rumors leading up to the Blood Angels release was The Stormraven Gunship, the elusive flying transport that was to be released with the latest iteration of the Blood Angels Codex. There was some impassioned discussions on the various forums whether or not this vehicle was wishlisting or if it was real and would come to pass.

Preorders went up, black boxes were shipped, and the Blood Angels Codex has been devoured by people all around the 'net on various sites such as Warseer, The Bolter and Chainsword, and Dakka Dakka. The good news was the Stormraven was in. The bad news is there wasn't a model in sight. Not even a sketch or a concept drawing in the new Codex according to numerous reports.

Why Games Workshop would have rules for such a prominent and awesome vehicle and not release a kit for the Stormraven is beyond me. This has pretty much been par for the course with other recent GW releases such as the Space Wolves (Fenrisian Wolves, Thunderwolf Cavalry), Tyranids (Swarm Lord, Tervigon), and now the Blood Angels. There was a post on this very topic over on Fort Buyaki, so I won't revisit that topic here.

What I do want to talk about are the various conversions that have been popping up on the various sites in the past week. While I feel that the lack of a an official model is a real let down, it is nice to see various interpretations of it around the 'net. Some are good and some are bad, but hopefully all of these make you inspired to go out and create your Stormraven Gunship.

If you are building your own Stormraven or have ideas on how to convert one, provide a link or add some comments below and let's get a discussion going. What do you think the gunship of the Sons of Sanguinius looks like or how would you convert one?

Without further adieu, here are the pictures.

This is the Stormeagle that was shown at one of the Forge World events. I still have my doubts that this is a future Stormraven as some claim. I love the sketches, but hate the mockup.

Here is what Jawaballs is working on. It's made from a G. I. Joe Sky Hawk. Man does that toy bring back memories...

Not intended to be a Stormraven, but this is a great example. If you beef up the wings and add some engines from the Valkyrie, you have a winner.

Romeo, the creator of Battle Foam made an amazing Stormraven. The conversion work is top notch. My only gripe is I'm not a huge fan of the shape.

This most closely matches what I envision for the Stormraven. A smaller Thunderhawk.

I have more pictures of this one than any other. I like that it's unique and the size seems right to me. Extra bonus? It's mostly made from Valkyrie parts. Cost effective and cool equals win in my book! Painted pics follow.

I'm still not sure what I want to do with the Stormraven Gunship for my own army. I don't know if I should convert my own or wait it out. I figure I'll have a better idea once I get my hands on the new Blood Angels Codex.

Next time, I'll go further into the conversion project for my cadre of Razorbacks and making twin-linked assault cannons.

Until then,
-The Harrower

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  1. Those are some interesting conversions, although I'm with you on the last one, it's outstanding!

  2. Whereabouts did you find the "mini-Thunderhawk" WIP from? (Stormraven8 as the pic designation I believe)


  3. Found it on Warseer. It was a thread all about Stormraven conversions. Damned if I could find it now...

  4. Google Site Search to the rescue! Was on Warseer, but came from Heresy Online. Here's a link to the original thread:

  5. Thank you for the good review in regards to the Storm Raven conversion that I created. My main goal was to create a representation of the kit through existing 40K models with little use of plastic card. Hopefully this will help people in deciding to go with my simple conversion. Thanks again.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if that dual-hulled thing in the Forge World pic (see the sketches, not the model he's holding) turns out to be the elusive Storm Raven.

  7. there is a video on youtube of a GW person of somesort showing one they made, just type in stormraven in caps you'll see a guy in a red shirt sorry I don't have the link


    This will be the base of mine...

  9. This is a great colection of DIY/WIP Storm Ravens. Very much what I needed for my own project.

  10. @patzgcruz I think it looks great. Thanks for creating it. I was tempted by your eBay auction, but it got a bit crazy even for my tastes. Besides, I like being married. : )

    @2501 At the latest Forgeworld Open Day, they had a card next to the model that said "No, this isn't the Storm Raven." I'm happy about it too. I'm not a big fan of it.

    @Anonymous Some of those vehicles by Old Crow Models are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    @Anonymous Glad this post helped. Look for a Part 2 coming soon!

  11. Here WIP of mine. It is made of a valkyrie, a crusader sprue (for the weapons), foam board, and plastic card. I wanted a marine looking front and an assault ramp.

  12. @ m0rm0k Looks great! I'll add this to my Part 2.

  13. I don't like the look of the land raider front very much, small thunderhawk shapes look pretty cool,I took a template for a thunderhawk printed it out on 5x7 pieces of paper and then created it. can I post it up here?

  14. @Duncan If you want to email it to me, I'll gladly post it for you. You can email me at artbyv at me dot com.

  15. Can I ask, is it worth taking a Stormraven, because every time I fielded my half built one, it got shot down on the first turn by people who go "heylookbigflyingthingshootatit!" and I get 5 railgun shots in the engines. BOOM. Am really annoyed,anyone got any ideas how to keep it alive? It has played in three games, all ofwhich where blown up in on the first turn, one by a friggin krak missile. KRAK MISSILE! HELP!

  16. I don't have a lot of experience with the Stormraven, but I would be really careful with it's deployment maybe even bring it in via deep strike. It's certainly going to draw a lot of fire. My plans for it are to stay at range and attack opposing armour with the blood strike missiles and turbo boost into position into key areas. Hope that helps!

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