Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two-Headed Giant Tournament (1,000 Points • 22 Days Left)

So I'll be playing in my first tournament at Adventure Games in Dickson City, PA on July 24th. This tournament is a Warhammer 40K Two-Headed Giant Tournament. Here's the rundown on the rules.

WHEN: Saturday, July 23rd (Army Lists are due Tuesday, July 19th)
WHERE: Adventure Games in Dickson City, PA
ENTRY FEE: $25 Per Team
CHECK IN: 11:00 AM
START: 11:30 AM Sharp!

1. Each team will build a 2,000 Point Army.

2. Each individual member of the team is permitted to spend 1,000 Points on his or her half of the team.

3. During gameplay each player will control (move, fire, make saves) for their own individual half of the giant.

4. Excess Points are lost and can not be for any reason gifted or shifted to your opponents total allowed points.

Example: Big Jimmy C assembles a force that comes to 986 points and cannot find anything to spend those last 14 points on. Jabroni #115 his partner has a total of 990 and can't find anything to spend his last 10 points on. The 24 remaining points are lost unless individually spent.

5. Each player does NOT need to be a fully functional independent force. This means that between BOTH HALVES of the FORCE you must adhere to the legal Warhammer 40,000 Army Composition (BOTH HALVES!)

Example: Player A can focus on spending his points on Strictly Elites/Heavy Support and Player B can purchase the required troops/headquarters to make the entire force as a whole LEGAL. Just remember, each player is only permitted 1,000 Points individually. Your probably thinking wow, I can whip up some really obnoxious setups. Correct: That's the idea.

6. THERE IS NO RESTRICTIONS ON ALLIANCES (Tyranids can Ally with Imperial Guard, Space Marines w/ Chaos etc)

7. Allies can in every circumstance use each other transports.

Example: Tyranids/Space Marines make up the Giant. You CAN put Tyranid Warriors into a Land Raider. Just remember, individual codex restrict units beginning the game inside of a transport without it being dedicated. The dedicated transport rule is a CORE RULE and must be adhered too.

8. Prior to the match beginning (AFTER SETUP) the two teams will be permitted (5 Minutes) that will not take away from game play time to quickly discuss their strategy. After the 5 minutes concludes any/all discussion must be done (AT THE TABLE). This is to ensure that the games are not being bogged down my nonsense/stepping away from the table.

9. To reiterate RULE #3. Each player will ALWAYS control the fate of their own half of the force. No making saves for one another, setting up, shooting and especially moving your partners models. If you are caught doing this for any reason what so ever you will be immediately penalized battle points and if it continues disqualified from the tournament. I cannot stress how serious I am about this rule.

I'll be teaming up with fellow DED 'ARD member SolidSnizzle and his Imperial Guard. Here's a pic of my half of the Two-Headed Giant and the list of what I need to get done in the next 3 weeks.

  • Convert: Twin-linked heavy flamer turret, Dreadnought close combat arm
  • Magnetize: all infantry backpacks, Stormraven
  • Prime: Assault Marine, Twin-linked heavy flamer turret, Dreadnought close combat arm, Magna-grapple
  • Paint: 2 Assault Squads, 2 Sanguinary Priests, Librarian, Death Company, Stormraven, Dreadnought, 2 Razorbacks
  • Base: all infantry, Stormraven, Dreadnought
  • Build: Army Display Board
  • Figure out how to: Tint the Stormraven canopies red
  • Detail Pass: Transfers on the infantry and vehicles, freehand symbols on the tanks, weathering and blood stains on the troops and vehicles, etc.

Seems pretty daunting, but I do have most of the models primed and ready to go. I've really been slacking off on the hobby side of things, and I hope this tournament kicks my butt in gear and gets me going. I'll update periodically over the next few weeks on my progress.

Enim Sanguinius!
–The Harrower

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