Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Space Marine Models Leaked!!!

Pictures of the new Space Marine Centurions and the Space Marine AA Tank the Stalker are starting to make their rounds. Personally, I think the Space Marine Centurions look ridiculous at least in yellow. I'll reserve final judgement until I see better pics and the models in person, but my first reaction is yuck! They look way too clunky and don't even look like they could walk.

More pics after the break.

These Imperial Fists Centurions look atrocious. Again, I'll reserve final judgement until I see the models in person, but as of right now I am not impressed especially for the price tag on these. Hopefully when the White Dwarf is released these will look better.

Out with the bad and in with the good. The Stalker looks AMAZING!

Rumors are that each of the guns can split fire which could make this the AA vehicle of choice. My Blood Angels have been looking to find good AA without tying up so many points in a Stormraven or two and this may just do the trick.

Lastly, looks like the Black Templars may have been folded into the Space Marine Codex after all. They are featured in the Battle Report against a Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Demons list at 2,500 points. Not sure how I feel about that. Things will certainly be interesting for the next couple of days.

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–The Harrower


  1. Why God? Why? I didn't really even know Centurions were coming, my first knowledge of them was seeing the pics on FB. I thought at first it was a joke, or some 3rd party company. I was wrong...

    1. I'm reserving judgement until I see them in White Dwarf. So far though, not looking so good...