Monday, May 19, 2014

The Time of Ending

I finally got down to my local shop yesterday to pick up the new White Dwarf (I got the last copy!) and after reading through everything I have to say I am pretty excited for 7th Edition. It does seem like they are addressing a lot of the issues that the game has currently. The jury is still out on some areas (i.e. The Psyker Phase), but overall it looks to be pretty solid and a big improvement on what came before. I was surprised that no one has mentioned that they are advancing the timeline a bit in the new edition.

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There are 8 pages in the Dark Millennium book that detail The Time of Ending which is described as being the time when the fate of the galaxy will be decided. All of this sounds pretty cool and this would be the perfect thing to base a summer campaign around. I have no idea if this is something they will be doing, but it would be great to see Games Workshop do another massive event like this again.

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