Saturday, October 11, 2014

This is NOT the BA Codex Cover!

You had to know that Blood Angels rumors would get me back out of hiding!

When the last Blood Angels Codex came out in 2010, there was a lot of craziness going on in the rumor mill and someone actually created and posted a fake Codex. Here's a link to the fake codex if you are curious. This caused a bit of a stir on Dakka Dakka and Bolter and Chainsword as you can imagine, and it's something I'd rather avoid this go around.

This time I am somewhat to blame as a Blood Angels Codex cover I made back in May is making the rounds and some people think it might be the real deal. Well, it isn't and I never claimed that it was the real cover.

It was just an image I created using someone else's artwork for my blog after putting an event together for my local group back in Eastern PA. I don't know who the original artist is, but I agree it's a great piece. Sadly this Codex cover is no more real than the Zombie Apocalypse cover I created for our little event, but I do have faith that Raymond Swanland will do the Scions of Sanguinius justice far better than I ever could.

Look for more updates from me in the coming weeks as I get back into the hobby and start working on my army again.

Till next time,
The Harrower


  1. Would be interested in the rules for the zombie apocalypse :) The cover looks amazing

    1. I'll have to see if I still have them. Not sure if they made it in my move to Texas. Imagine Left 4 Dead style zombies vs. 8 different players using various Kill Team lists. The only way off of the planet was to take the Storm Raven parked on the Sky Shield Landing Pad. Made for a great game with tons of backstabbing.

    2. Drool. That sounds incredible. Any pics of the game?