Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Final Blood Angels Rules Dump

This is it. My final "preview" post on the new Blood Angels Codex. This gives us a really good picture of what to expect come release. If you are stuck on a forum or Facebook group that's fallen to the Black Rage, stop on over at The Bolter and Chainsword's Blood Angel Subforum which has resisted the Red Thirst and remains the most open minded and frankly the best gathering of Blood Angels players on the internet IMHO.

Big thanks to Pascalnz and Duke Danse Macabre from over there for getting hold of the Codex early and doing a massive Q and A. I believe they are still answering questions, so if there's something you are dying to know, head on over to this thread. At this point, I'm satisfied with what I know and for anything else I'm just going to wait until I get my Codex.

Rules dump coming after the break.

Army Special Rules:
Furious Charge

HQ: Librarian Dreadnought
Troops: Tactical Squads, Scout Squads
Elites: Death Company, Dreadnoughts (Death Company and Furioso), Command Squad (Honour Guard are gone)
Fast: Stormraven (screenshot from Black Library doesn't show this listed, so this may be a mistake)
Heavy Support: Baal Predator

Baal Strike Force Detachment:
Mandatory 1 HQ, 2 Troops, 1 Elite,
Optional: 1 HQ, 4 Troops, 3 Elite, 3 Fast, 3 Heavy
Special Rule: +1 Initiative when charging, all the army, any turn.

Warlord Traits:
1. Red Rampage: Warlord gets Rampage.
2. Speed of the Primarch. Warlord gets +1 Initiative.
3. Artisan of War: One of the warlord's weapons is mastercrafted.
4. Soulwarden: Warlord gets Adamantium will.
5. Descent of Angels. D6 less scatter for jump and skimmer units.
6. Heroic Bearing: Warlord has a 12" Fearless bubble.

Psychic Powers:
Primaris: Blessing. +D3 to Attacks and Initiative to Psyker or target character at 12”.
1. Malediction. Target unit at 12" takes a Moral test with -2 penalty.
2. Blessing. Target unit at 18" gets Rage. If they had already that rule, they get +1 Attack instead.
3. Blessing. Psyker and his unit get 5++.
4. Focussed witch fire. Target makes 2 Toughness tests. Take one Wound for each failed test. If target dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5.
5. Beam. 12" S8, AP1 Lance
6. Blessing. Target infantry unit, moves 12" in the psychic phase. No charging after this movement.

1. One jump pack that allows the bearer and his unit re-roll when Deepstriking and when other units Intercept must fire Snapshots. Cost: 25 points.
2. Gives Fear, and fear tests are done with -2 Leadership. Cost: 10 points.
3. One item that gives an additional warlord trait strategic table. Cost: 15 points.
4. One physic weapon +2S, AP4, bearer may re-roll 1s in the psychic phase. If rerolled die is a 1, bearer takes one wound. No saves allowed. Cost: 10 points.
5. One Master-crafted plasma pistol, that does not get hot. Points: 25
6. One AP2 power sword. Cost: 25 points.

• Dante: LoW. Eternal Warrior, Hit and Run. Axe is +2S, AP2, Mastercraft, and strikes at Initiative. Deathmask causes a 12” Fear bubble where any unit in range and in close combat must test. No longer unlocks Sanguinary Guard as Troops. If playing with Tactical Objectives can also roll on that table in addition to keeping Descent of Angels. 220 points
• Seth: LoW. Lost his special attack, but now does +1 hit for each 6 to wound. 155 points
• Mephiston: HQ. WS6 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I5 A4 L10 2+ Special Rules: Furious Charge, Independent Character, Fleet, And They Shall Know No Fear, Hypnotic Trance: Roll 2D6 in a challenge. If you roll equal to or above their Leadership Mephiston hits on a 2+. Warlord trait: Admantium Will. Level 3 Pskyer w/ unique blessing giving him S10. Sword is AP3. 175 points
• The Sanguinor: Pretty much the same with a 4++. Rerolls to hit and to wound rolls in challenges. Not an Independent Character. 200 points
• Corbulo: HQ. WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 L10 3+ And They Shall Know No Fear, Furious Charge, Independent Character. Bolt Pistol, Narthecium (Feel No Pain to unit), Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armour. Relics: Heaven's Teeth (+1S AP– Melee, Rending) Red Grail (+1 WS +1 Initiative to all units within 6". Does not stack with Blood Chalice). Far-seeing Eye: One reroll per game for one of the following: Seize Initiative, Reserves, Scatter, To Hit, To Wound, Save. 120 points
• Astorath: Warlord Trait Admantium Will. Axe is +1S AP2 Unwieldy. On a 6 to hit auto wounds and causes Instant Death. Allows Death Company to reroll hits and wounds on charge. 155 points
• Lemartes: Can only join Death Company and takes an Elite slot. 2W. When loses a wound gains +1S and A. 130 points
• Tycho: No longer ignores armour saves. Combi-melta can no longer use special ammo but is master crafted. 130 points
• DC Tycho: Feel No Ppain, Relentless, Fearless, Rage. Can only join Death Company. Points: 145
• Captain: Has options for Artificer Armour and Relic Blades. Same as Codex: Space Marines with Furious Charge. 90 points
• Librarian Dreadnought: HQ. Mastery Level 1. Can upgrade to Mastery Level 2 for 25 points. Furioso Force Halberd counts as a Powerfist with Force, but its not a Specialist Weapon so no additional attack. Can replace Stormbolter with Heavy Flamer or Meltagun. Can be the Warlord but can only roll on Blood Angel Warlord Traits. Same stats as a normal dreadnought with AV 13 in the front. WS5. Can take Drop Pod as Dedicated Transport.
• Chaplain: Same as Codex: Space Marines with Furious Charge. 90 points
• Sanguinary Priest: 1 per HQ slot. WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 L9 3+ And They Shall Know No Fear, Furious Charge, Independent Character.  Chainsword, Narthecium (Feel No Pain to unit), Frag and Krak Grenades, Blood Chalice (+1 WS to unit). Can buy a Bike, but no longer has access to Terminator Armour. Can’t purchase Artificer Armour either. May take a Bolt Pistol for +1 point and upgrades from Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Special Wargear, and Relics of Baal. 60 points
• Librarian: Same as Codex: Space Marines with Furious Charge. Chooses powers from Sanguinary, Biomancy, Daemonology, Divination, or Pyromancy.
• Tech Marine: HQ. 50 points
• Reclusiarchs are gone. :(

• No new units. Terminators and Librarian are separate kits.
• No access to Storm Talon or Centurions.
• Tactical Squad: Usual options from Codex: Space Marines plus grav weapons. They do have access to Flakk missiles. 5 man squad can take 1 heavy or 1 special. Sergeant can dual wield pistols. Now have access to Auspex. Rhino, Razorback, or Drop Pod as Dedicated Transport.
• Furioso: WS5, BS4, 2 attacks base, AV13. Same cost as before. Blood Talons are +10 points and give Shred. Magna-grapple replaces smoke launchers for free. Fragcannon now costs 5 points with same stats as before.
• Death Company Dreadnought: DC Dread is WS4, BS4, 3 attacks base, AV 12
• Honour Guard are gone. Honour Guard replaced by Command Squad.
• Command Squad: 3 Veterans, 1 Champion, 1 Novitiate w/ Narthecium. Can take 3 specials. Can upgrade to Jump Packs for +25 points. 100 points
• Vanguard Veterans cannot assault after Deep Strike.
• Death Company: Furious Charge, Fearless, Relentless, Feel No Pain, Rage. Cannot reroll to wound rolls if a Chaplain is in the unit (that is now Astaroth’s ability). No options for Terminator Armour. WS dropped to 4. Jump Packs are +3 points per model. No limit on how many melee or pistol weapons you upgrade (but no access to grav). Max 15 per squad. Can have multiple squads.
• Blood Chalice: +1 WS. No longer a bubble just affects the unit.
• Predator Annihilator/Destructor and Vindicator can upgrade to Fast for +10 points.
• Land Raider: Only a Dedicated Transport for Terminators.
• Tactical/Sternguard Squad: Gain access to Heavy Flamer (max 2 per unit).
• Terminators: Access to a banner which allows reroll of failed morale and pinning tests within a 12” bubble for +5 points. Chapter Banner same as it used to be.
• Bikes: Same as Codex: Space Marines. Do have access to grav-guns.
• Assault Marines: 2 special weapons per squad. Sergeants can carry 2 pistols. Free Drop Pod or Rhino if Jump Packs removed. 5 assault marines w/ 2 meltaguns and 2 infernus pistols in a drop pod costs 135 points! Cannot take a Razorback as a Dedicated Transport.
• Scouts: Same as Codex: Space Marines with Furious Charge. No access to the Landspeeder Storm.
• Baal Predator: No longer has Scout. No torrent for Flamestorm Cannon. Under Heavy Support now. 115 points
• Rhino: Still Fast. 45 points
• Razorback: Still Fast. Upgrade to Heavy Flamer for free. Upgrade to heavy weapon +20 points. 65 points
• Stormraven: Same as Codex: Space Marines. Bloodstrike Missiles replaced with Stormstrike Missiles.
• Sanguinary Guard: 165 points for 5 models. +33 points per additional model with a max squad size of 10. Upgrade to Deathmasks for +1 point to cause fear. Glaive Encarmines are the same.

That's it! Unit next time, keep the Black Rage in check or fear the bite of Astaroth's axe.

Till then,
–The Harrower


  1. Thanks man, been wondering when you get the chance to update to the latest things on b&c. It so much easier seeing it in a compiled list. Just a note tho I noticed you don't have seth's points written down 155, you say land raiders are no longer dedicated transports but they are still for terminators. Thanks again really enjoy the blog

    1. I got the Dedicated Transports clarified, added Seth's points, and a few other things. Thanks for posting those corrections and reading. I appreciate it!

  2. The gunslinger assault squads are brilliant.
    Dante also looks as threatening, if not more so, than Draigo

    1. I'm sure plenty of people will be crying that Dante is the new Lord of Cheese.

  3. I for one have gone even more Blood Angels bonkers, rock on Saturday give me my dex!

  4. my blood angels just became "red marines with wings" from codex space marines

    1. Why? Space Marines run either bikes or centurion deathstars. A solid Blood Angels list shouldn't look similar at all.

    2. the few things that separate BA from other marines are meh at best except for Dante. the only way i see this being playable is in a drop pod list or as allies. assault army on non assault vehicles or jump infantry that goes "poof" after a few artillery hits.

    3. Yes... Army wide furious charge or the detachment that gives +1 init is meh at best... Smh

    4. +1 initiative and strength IF you charge, you opponent will either shoot you down first or deny you the charge by charging you. and for this, you give up objective secured.

    5. @Anon I see what you are saying, but compared to the old Codex with cheaper options and more survivability in assault with +1 Initiative makes it head and shoulders above the old dex.

    6. furious charge only gives +1 to str now, no I boost. I think we have been robbed!!!

    7. Furious Charge has worked like that since 6th edition. If you use the Baal Strike Force Detachment, the whole army gets +1 Initiative when charging.

    8. The only good thing is they all get furious charge, buy really that is not that great for all squads, I have a few squads who will never use it.

    9. Did not know that. Is that in the codex or in the shield of baal supplement or something?

    10. It's in the Codex. You lose Objective Secured on Troops for +1 Initiative on the charge and a reroll on the Blood Angels Warlord Traits table.

    11. That is pretty cool and only effective vs some armies, a 5 is not gonna beat most eldar or nids. Still, thanks for pointing that out. Warlord traits NEVER go my way anyhow. Ok not as bad as before,will you not miss the fnp and fc bubble? I am still painting the 3 sang. priest I just got!!! I have been playing BA since they really were just red astartes, so I am used to change.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Can we take Droppod as Fast attacl like SW????

    1. Wuhuu...
      Now my GK & BA can go to war together...
      Purifiers ind BA Drop pod for the WIN!!!

  6. As much as I HATE to have been won over to this side of reason, this codex looks AMAZING. Half the things that people said were the death knell of our chapter have turned out to be inconsequential. The only real problem I have here is that the Baal Predator has been nerfed and remained the same cost. They are gonna be replaced by Sicarans in my army

    1. I don't like the move to Heavy either.

    2. And you have in the same slot a Fast Predator Destructor with laser sponsors for only 10 points more which is pure gold. Predator Baal is now obsolete

    3. Depends on what you are using it for. Baal Predator is still the best for taking out infantry and light vehicles.

  7. Primaris: Quickening - Blessing. Fleet and +D3 to A and I to psyker or target character at 12"
    1. Fear of the Darkness - Malediction. Target unit at 12" takes a Moral test with -2
    2. Unleash Rage - Blessing. Target unit at 18" gets Rage. If they had already that rule, they get +1A instead
    3. Shield of Sanguinius - Blessing. Psyker and his unit get 5++
    4. Blood Boil - Focussed witch fire. Target makes 2 T tests. Take one W for each failed test. If targed dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5.
    5. Blood Lance - Beam. 12" S8 AP1 Lance
    6. Wings of Sanguinius - Blessing. Infantry unit, moves 12" in the psychic phase. No charging after this movement.

  8. did the hvy bolter sponsons drop in price at least for the baal pred? i always though 30 was high

    1. My guess is 20 in line with Codex: Space Marines, but it hasn't been confirmed.

  9. I'm surprised that they added an extra slot to elite but not to the others. Surely they could have added an extra slot for the others or create "Fliers" as a category in itself. With all the options and clustering it feels very...limiting.

  10. Bless you for your work Harrower!

    1. Thanks man. I don't think anyone can deny my passion for the Blood Angels. Lol.

    2. Hey do you know if the Quickening will affect Unwieldy Weapons?

    3. Pretty sure you still go at Initiative 1. Don't have my book on me.

    4. Thanks, still waitin on mine.

  11. Kudos to you for this article. I'm pretty excited for the release. I'll just have to add some tacticals to make my army battle forged.

  12. They didn't get access to the Hunter/ Stlaker? Kind of surprised by that

    1. I am too. The one thing that's missing is anti-air. By not getting the Storm Talon or the Hunter/Stalker it makes me think we have another unit coming that will eventually fill that slot. With all the new releases for Tyranids it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

  13. Hello,
    can you, or someone with codex confirm of DC can score and/or contest (unlike previous dex)).

    1. No limits on how many units of DC you can take and they do score from what I understand.

    2. wow, thats almost worth ws4 and other changes...
      Thanks man!

  14. I have to ask this. Even tho the answer is no. Would a +1 initiative bonus on the charge make unwieldy strike at Initiative 2 instead of 1?

    1. no, unwieldy makes you pile in and attack at initiative step 1 regardless of your initiative

  15. What about the normal heavy kind of dreadnoughts, are they also Elites now or are they still heavy? You mention that the others have chenged to Elite or HQ, have they too?

    1. All Dreads are under Elite except for the Furioso Librarian which is under HQ.

    2. Awwww shucks, gonna have to modify my list even more... Thanks for the answer though! :)